House Rules

In order to provide security and pleasant stay for everyone, we appreciate your kind cooperation to these house rules.

Rent Payments

All rent is due and payable during regular office hours on the 1st and past due after the 10th calendar day of each month. A late payment fee of 100 baht per day will be charged on all rent unpaid as of the 11th day of the month. Failure to pay for the bill, e.g., phone, electricity and water supply may result in disconnection of these services. Please see Management if you are experiencing difficulties. 


Tenants who have lost or misplaced keycard, or who have had it damaged, may contact the Management during office hours to collect a new one. Replacement of a keycard are 200 Baht.

Common areas

All emergency exits, passageways and all common areas must be kept clear of obstructions at all time. Storage of personal items in front of the room is not permitted.


"All visitors must be registered with the security guard or Management office during their visit. Residents are fully responsible for the conduct of their visitors and the cost of any repair or damage caused by their visitors. No visitors are allowed into premises to use facilities unless accompanied by the tenant."


Parking space is limited. Parking for residents is provided at additional cost. Visitors should bring the license plate number of the vehicle and we will issue a temporary permit. Failure to comply with any parking regulations, you will be charged for parking during our enforcement hours.

Disposal of garbage

All tenants are responsible for the disposal of garbage from their rooms or from common areas used by them. All garbage and refuse shall be disposed of in a timely manner in places provided on the G floor.


Smoking is prohibited in all common areas. You may smoke in a designated smoking areas.

Quiet Hour

To maintain a peaceful environment, the use of musical instruments, radios, televisions, and other sound equipment shall not be operated so as to harass, annoy or inconvenience any other tenants. Quiet hours between 11 pm until 8 am will be enforced


No alteration of any kind are permitted without the written consent of Management, e.g.,painting, wall papering, etc. Do not use tape, glue or adhesives of any kind on the walls. Any marks or damage will be the responsibility of the tenant.


"No pets of any kind are permitted in the apartment."


You can only do light cooking in the room. Heavy cooking is not recommended for safety concern. Usage of gas is prohibited.

Illegal Activities

Involvement in any illegal drugs or illegal activities in the apartment will be automatically grounded for termination of the rental agreement. This rule will be strictly enforced, with no exceptions.


In "lock-out" situations, We will help you gain access to your room with a fee as posted during office hours. The additional fee is charged for a complete lock change and the lock-outs during off-hours.


Moving in and out of the apartment is not to be done during the hours of 8 pm to 8 am without the written consent of the Management.

Smoke Detectors

Tampering with or disabling of the detectors shall be charged for 3000 baht.


Residents must contact the Management in accordance with the lease not less than 62 days prior to the end of last full month of tenancy.


Drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited anywhere in the property except in the residents's rooms.